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Electrical Outlet & Switch Services

Professional Electrician In Lexington, SC

When you think about how many times you flip on your light switch, how many times you plug in a cord, and how many things are powered by electricity in your house, the importance of each individual electrical outlet component working properly really stands out. If your electrical outlets or a switches stop working and needs to be replaced, you want a certified electrician who has been properly trained.

You want a locally owned company that provides hometown service in and around Lexington, SC. You want the highest quality and safe service at the most reasonable price. You want Carolina Conditions.

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We provide full outlet and switch installation services to homeowners in the Lexington, SC area. Connect with us now for more information on all of the different options we can provide you!

Get Electrical Outlets Service

With skill and expertise, our team of electricians can replace an existing outlet or install a new one where you need it. Our comprehensive range of outlet services includes:

  • Recessed Outlets - If you need some extra room and have space in the wall, we can provide a recessed outlet option that delivers.
  • GFCI Outlets - Required in bathrooms, kitchens and outdoors, we can install and replace your new ground fault circuit interrupter outlet ensuring your safety using electricity near water. Many older homes do not have these required outlets currently. We’ll help keep your home updated and safe.
  • Large Appliance Outlets - Your home’s major appliances, like your washer and dryer, HVAC and refrigerator need special outlets to handle the large amount of electricity required for operation. We are experts in these outlets and our work will help your expensive appliances work better for longer without power interruption.
  • Floor Outlets - Have you ever wished you didn’t need to plug something in all the way over at the wall but right in the middle of a room? With a new floor outlet we can make your wish come true!
  • Outdoor Outlets - Having an outdoor outlet is super convenient and handy. Call us today for a quote on outdoor outlets for your home.
  • Smart Outlets - Did you know that even your appliances can be controlled with the sound of your voice? With a smart outlet you can control lights and other electronic devices in your home with ease.

Electrical Switches

If you are having problems with a switch in your home, we can replace it with ease and skill. You may need a new switch if it:

  • Stops working.
  • Is warm to the touch.
  • Ever sparks.
  • Makes noise.

Carolina Conditions For New Installations

If you are interested in the cost for a new outlet or switch installation, in scheduling an appointment, or just want to learn more about us, contact us today at 803-233-7172 or online anytime!

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