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Vapor Barriers

Protect Your Lexington, SC Area Crawl Space Today

It can get pretty muggy in our neck of the woods. When it’s hot and humid outside, your crawl space will collect and trap this moisture. To help block moisture from penetrating your crawl space area and protect your home’s comfort, call on Carolina Conditions for vapor barrier installation services. Serving the Lexington, SC area since 2008, our customer service is second to none and the quality of our work surpasses all the rest. We are happy to help keep your crawl space nice and dry with vapor barriers today.

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Did you know that a vapor barrier installation only takes about half a day to complete, but will last around 10 years?

What Is A Vapor Barrier?

A vapor barrier, also known as a moisture barrier, is a very thick liner made of plastic that is installed on the floor of a crawl space. The plastic is secured on the ground and goes right to the edges of the area. Having this liner covering all the dirt in your crawl space is very advantageous when combatting moisture rising from the ground.

Benefits Of A Vapor Barrier

  • Indoor Air Quality - A large amount of air from your crawl space will rise through your floors into your home. When a vapor barrier is installed to protect against moisture, it means you are also protected from breathing in that moisture above ground.
  • Protection For Your Foundation - Less moisture means less of a chance that the wooden piers and beams holding the structure of your home will rot and decay.
  • Less Unwanted Inhabitants - There are many critters that love a dark, dank area in which to live. Having a vapor barrier discourages rodents, insects and other pests from setting up shop in your crawl space.
  • Less Chance Of Mold & Mildew - Where there’s moisture, mold and mildew are sure to follow. Protect your home from damaging mold and mildew with a vapor barrier.

Full Crawl Space Services Near You

Interested in learning more about vapor barriers and how they can benefit your home? We are happy to help! Contact the team at Carolina Conditions with any questions about vapor barrier or other crawl space services today at 803-233-7172 or online anytime. Don’t leave your crawl space neglected. Install a vapor barrier for protection against our muggy summers!

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