It is Spring and time to start thinking about how you can spruce up and save money. Below are some Laundry tips that will do just that.

Wash clothes in cold water. Use hot water only for very dirty loads. Hot water doesn’t make your clothes cleaner, using the correct amount of detergent does! Using cold water can save you money on your electric bill.

Wash only full loads. It takes the same amount of electricity to wash a small load as it does to wash a full load. Fill it up! If you do wash a small load, adjust the water level in the washing machine to match the load size.

Some people don’t like doing this, but why not use a bath towel at least twice before washing it. After all, you are clean and only wiping water off of your clean body.

Clean your dryer’s lint trap before each load. Lint filters can cause house fires (

Did you know that dryer sheets cause a buildup of residue on your lint filter? Try this. Clean the filter of all lint. Then hold the lint filter under running water and see if the water stands. If it does, you need to scrub all residues from the filter.

Make sure the outdoor dryer exhaust door closes when the dryer is off.

Make sure the dryer vent hose is tightly connected to the inside wall fitting and the dryer. Also make sure the vent hose is not clogged or kinked.

Minimize the drying time; if you have a moisture sensor on your dryer, use it.

Dry consecutive loads to harvest heat remaining in the dryer.

And the most cost effective tip of all? Hang your clothes on the clothesline and use “solar power” to dry them.