Mold, fungus and bacteria are dirty words describing microbiological growths that can become big problems if left alone! Air conditioning systems are at risk for microbial growth, particularly for a climate like Famously Hot Columbia. Carolina Conditions wants you to know about the hazards these pesky bacteria can cause to you and your quality of life.

How does microbial growth happen?

Microbial growth occurs when an air conditioning system cools and heats and condensation is created and collects in small pools. Condensation lines are installed to remove excess water away from the air system, however the small amount of water manages to collect around coils within the unit. The standing water is a breeding ground for the microbial growth. This is hazardous, as the bacteria can affect indoor air quality.

Microbial growth contamination triggers and aggravates respiratory problems including, allergies and asthma, airborne mold and mold odors. Mold and bacteria build up on air conditioning systems can also decrease airflow, efficiency, reduce equipment lifespan and potentially produce higher electric bills.

How do you prevent microbial growth? 

To prevent microbial growth from altering the air quality in your home, routine maintenance and cleaning of your HVAC unit is highly recommended. Regular maintenance prevents microbiological growth from forming. A service technician scrubs the central air system of microbial growth and wipes the fins. The pools of water are removed and the condensate line is cleaned and inspected.

Ultraviolet (UV) lights are another way to keep your indoor air free from harmful contaminants. UV lights are placed inside your HVAC system to kill any potentially harmful bacteria before it enters your living space by keeping your system indoor coil free from fungal growth. Ultraviolet lights also remove toxic odors and chemical vapors. A UV light system is a powerful tool used to zap microbial growth instantly.

If you think your indoor air quality is being compromised, give us a call and let us help you.